A New Kind of Recycling

What is an idea worth? That all depends on who you ask. Some ideas sit on the shelves for many years in our top research universities, never to see the light of day. Other ideas are seen as marketable. They are copyrighted, trademarked, and patented and someone makes a go at turning that idea into a business or adding the new product or service into an existing development stream. We all know what happens when the idea is successful. The product or service takes off, the business makes money, the inventor becomes famous and everyone who was apart of it becomes fabulously wealthy. At least that is the bedtime story we are told.

In the real world businesses fail all of the time for reasons beyond the quality of the core idea. The business could be undercapitalized, the right management team wasn't there, the idea is too early for wide market acceptance, and the list goes on and on. What happens to those ideas when the business fails? Well, most of them die. They never see the light of day again. A perfectly good idea gets ruined by bad execution. This is where IP Renew comes in. We find new homes for good ideas.

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